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October 30, 2013


Selfies at Funerals

(Thanks to Sean in Akron)


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At least the open casket wasn't in the background. Yet.

My back of the envelope estimate is that I would need to take 160 units of insulin for 3267 carbs

I'd check with my official calculator, but I fear that the Diabetes Police will bring me in for questioning / education / electric shock treatment.

Wrong string... sorry Twinkie fans!

's ok, Not My Usual Alias - just don't snap a selfie with your twinkie

NMUA's a twinkie? Who knew?

I'm with the girl who loved her hair.
I liked mine, too, but it's been gone for a long time.

- not as bad as selfies of the dead

God's going to get you for that, ligirl.

I like the way #2 dressed for Grandpa's funeral, speaing of class.

I agree - I was expecting selfies with the deceased.

That reminds me to ask my kids to get a family picture of me in the urn with those assembled and have someone giving me bunny ears.

The last one cut her (own) head off.

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