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October 30, 2013


A Fargo, N.D., woman says she will give trick-or-treaters that she deems 'moderately obese' a letter instead of candy this Halloween.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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If someone did this to one of my kids by the time I was done "returning" the letter to her, she would truly wish she had given the kid a Snickers bar instead. By the way, I noticed there was no picture or video of this woman in the article. Show your face! Also Dave, you and Stephen King are currently on the Bio Channel.

In the name of good halloween fun, her house should be TP'd as well as her being striped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse. Hanged, drawn and quartered — strangled by hanging but released while she is still alive, castrated, eviscerated with her bowels burnt before her, beheaded, then cut into four parts. Her preserved head (dipped in tar) and placed on a pike atop the tallest building in the city. Her limbs displayed, separately, in Walmart shopping cart recepticles across town.

we all agree, childhood obesity is a problem. however, this woman deserves an award for interference and meddling. i hope someone teepees her house!

Tell us how you really feel, manual tomato.

Like having lunch with a leggy on-scene reporter waiting for her Q.

A little like Roger Daultry.

Down goes Frasier.

Apparently, she doesn't understand or take seriously the first half of "trick or treat". Hopefully, she'll get a lesson on it this year and take it really, really seriously from now on

The question is, will she sign her name to her "helpful" letter? And will irate obese parents squish her like a bug?

Oh, that should go well. "Here's some candy for you, and you. Hey, tubby, read this! No candy for you!"

And what about kids that are more than "moderately" obese. What do they get?

I would take in my lawn furniture and not try to put out flaming bags left on her porch if I were this busy body.

Because holidays are all about imposing your will on others.

She may find herself the gathering point for a number of "selfies".

Remember the old movies where the note came through the window, attached to a brick?

I was thinking "this is why some people's houses used to get 'egged'", but that works, too, Larry.

The neighbors could just chip in and buy her a ticket to Saudi Arabia and a rental car. Problem solved.

You know those tee shirts reading "I'm with Stupid" and an arrow?
Every one in her family is about to buy one of those.

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