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September 26, 2013


College to host orgasm workshop for female undergrads

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Wow another "college" that grants degrees in unemployment.

How about courses in beer pong and quarters?

The first of may questions is, "womyns"?

Do they need Animal Wardens?

Will Meg Ryan speak...?


Meg Ryan = Me Angry?

This should be a Master's level course, not undergrad

Hamilton College. Because mere equality is not enough.

Real Talk: A Dialogue about Internalized Racism: Conversations about race in the U.S. mostly focus on race relations between white communities and people of color. However, people of color are also prone top internalize racist messages about their own community, and about other races/ethnicities/people of color. This conversation allows people of color to come together and examine how we may have accepted racist attitudes toward other racial groups and our own racial/ethnic communities, and move towards healing and mutual respect.

In order to create a safe space, this program is open to people of color only. A similar conversation for white students, faculty and staff is planned for the spring semester. Dinner will be provided.

Wait, to move toward healing and respect we first must shut out the whites?


What do the myn students think about this?

Well I talked to the huperson sitting next to me and he/she/it/both said it was a load of uranus.

Woperson, Mikey

Wouldn't it be more helpful if the myn students took a course in female orgasms? Completion of astrophysics and metaphysics courses should be prerequisites.

I foresee a lot of homework.

I tried to hold such a workshop. Nobody came.

*snork* at Slacker

Do they need study subjects? I would love to volunteer, no need to pay me.

Women have orgasms?

And Dave never wrote a book about it?

I wonder how Princeton will ever compete against this.

Thank you, come again!

Oh. Oh. Oh.

*Snork* Apu.

woperSON? why not woperDAUGHTER?

most places I've seen it, wymyn is the plural of womyn.

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