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September 30, 2013


More of this.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Wasn't this first done in a Batman movie?

And I liked Budweiser's attempt to make golf more exciting by adding rushing footballers to the tee box.

As long as Daly doesn't sit on him the guy's OK.

Two questions:
Who is John Daly?
Is the bar named 'Losers' real or an attempt at irony or both?

John Daly is the .

What happened?

John Daly's classiest outfits.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club would not be amused.

Jeff, I liked your first answer. That's what I thought.

Both Daly and his partner now have a wicked slice.

He actually started by aiming for this guy's mouth.

I've seen Daly drive. He's long off the tee, but so inaccurate, his target was in no danger.

OK, Tiger Woods, sure.
Bubba Watson, maybe.
But to let John Daly try this on me, I'd have to be drunker than him, and I don't think that's possible.

Didn't he use to be the mayor of New York? Or was that Richard?

Last time I read about something like this, somebody ended up with a tee through their tongue. But I'm sure that with a professional golfer, this was perfectly safe, right? Right?

cindy, it was Richard in Chicago. Twice. Big & little. That's why Chicago is known as the "City with Two Richards."

You have to wonder whether the guy on the ground would also let O.J. Simpson shave his neck.

When O.J. was not busy searching for the real killer.

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