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September 29, 2013


Introduce foxes.

(Thanks to Monique)


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Oh, no! A fox wants to get hold of my balls.
Deja vu!
All over again!

He's hiding them in a shrubbery!

@fivver - is it two levels with a path between?

Another beer cart girl? Heaven.

Every time I think I can't laugh harder....this blog proves me wrong. Thank heavens

The rules of golf would consider the fox to be....

an outside agency.

OK, so a birdie is one under par and an eagle is two under par.

How many over par is a "fox"? Ten? Twenty?

OK, a dogleg hole is one thing, but .....

Introduce foxes? We must cruise again to this foxbar!

A spokescanid for foxes said that attacks would continue until the land was returned to its rightful owners (foxes) and restored to its former ecological utility, namely breeding fox snax.

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