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September 26, 2013


Gates Would Delete ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ 'It was a mistake'

(Thanks to The Perts)


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No, that's fine. Clippy and Microsoft Bob and Windows 8 were mistakes.

Could he do something about the blue screen of non-life?

When looking for mistakes by Microsoft, the Vista is truly astonishing.

Microsoft Flintstones had some seriously large bugs in it.

"Log on"? And here I thought it was for when the damn screen froze up.

To shut down, first press the start button.
The other one that gets me is that the "Help" feature instructions are neversynchronized with the actual program features.

Didn't he also give us "The Crash"?

Under the Uniform Commercial Code, products are sold with an "Implied Warranty of Merchantability." No Microslop products have ever been released "fit for the ordinary purposes for which they are to be used." That means they work properly without security holes, blue screens, required updates, etc. etc. etc.

You can't sell a car where the brakes and engine consistently fail causing crashes; why can you sell software that does the same thing if you "fix" it every week?

/end rant.

Two words to show how low Microsoft has fallen:

Windows Vista.

Ctrl+alt+del was a mistake?

Over the years I've addressed a great deal of profanity at Mr. Gates and the company he named after his masculine appendage, but never has ctrl+alt+del been the cause of that profanity. The the complexity has no doubt prevented me from accidentally restarting my computer, and given how many times I've accidentally hit the windows button, I'd have thrown three times as many computers through windows if the "nerve pinch" had been reduced to a single button.

Not that I'm a big fan of MS, but I should point out that their competitor for most of its life didn't even manage to implement cooperative multitasking until they gave up and fell back on open-source code.

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