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September 28, 2013


Now You Can Rent a Backyard Chicken

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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And to think all these years I've been shooing chickens back to the farm across the road after they've escaped. I had a gold mine and didn't even know it.

psst, crossgirl, ya got your ears on? Apparently, folks is willin' to pay $50 a month for eggs, iffin ya first make them do the feedin' and waterin'. Ya know all them chickies we gots out back? Ya'll can enjoy their company December through April! Which, let's face it, are the more pleasant months to spend on your swing out there!

“'Happy chickens make great eggs,' he says in a phone interview." I think he's ovary acting.

Wasn't "an instruction manual on how to keep your chickens happy" the subtitle of one of Dave's books?

In this world, being eaten by predators IS considered "natural causes."

Cool! You even get "...an instruction manual on how to keep your chickens happy."

Title: How To Pick Up Chicks

My Rent-a-Hyena franchise never took off. I can't see why this would.

My Rent-a-Cheetah business fared even worse. I couldn't keep the stock healthy enough to sell.

Cheetahs never prosper.

Just needs a catchy name to go national.

Like U-Fowl, but not to be confused with YouFoul.

NCFC: How about Dixie Chicken?

Clankie and Pirate: let's give it one more try. Join me in a kick starter thing for Rent a Bear?

I think renting a bear is illegal.

Darn countercultures.

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