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September 28, 2013


A spoof French news website had the last laugh this week after a story that claimed most French men thought the clitoris was a Toyota model, tricked members of the Italian media into mocking the naivité of their Latin rivals in France.

This has been The News From Europe.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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So the joke's on who, exactly? I suspect the Germans are behind this.

How many miles per gallon/litres per kilometre?

That model has something really exciting under the hood.

Not so far fetched. Sooner or later most Citroens are referred to as some body part or function.

Whoa Mega Snork to Steve

French person: Ha, ha, silly Italian person! Once again, the subtlety of Gallic wit has eluded you! You do not know that we invented the clitoris! I sneer at you and your pasta-slurping Berlusconi fellow!

Italian person: [draws rapier] Have at you!

French person: Gesundheit!

And so on and so on.

In other news from Le Gorafi,

Accident reconstruction causes 8 more victims
New warning about feminists accused of feeding Fashion Week models backstage
Klingon more useful than Esperanto professionally

Seinfeld thought about this first.

Klingon might be more useful professionally, if you work with computers and have important co-workers or managers who enjoy Klingon :)

In related news, Englishmen still have no idea what the French and Italians are talking about.

Driving one of these is quite stimulating but first you have to find where it's parked...

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