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September 27, 2013


I am very disappointed.  Nowhere in this book did it say it was not machine washable.  You need to put a warning on these things.  This is a copy of "Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up" after it went through an entire wash cycle.  I hope it does better in the dryer.


-- nursecindy


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EBooks don't hold up any better, I'm afraid.

Um,cindy? One hestitates to ask why but...why?

Sadly - I suspect it is not hand washable either.

I suggest someone be fired for not making this book washable.

*Whispering* Psssstt - nursecindy reads dirty books!

nc-try the autoclave!

When I clean my house I go all out!

The book also proved to be defective when cindy tried to jam it into her Kindle.

Are you saying that as an author Dave is washed up?

Sounds like a Morris Bart problem to me.

It is this dedication to cleanliness of our medical professionals that will help stop the spread of MRSA.

Hey, if it can't stand up to that, what good is it ?

Next thing you know you'll be telling us Tancredo has never denied sex with llamas.

Why - WHY? - has there been no Breaking Bad thread?

NC ~ Didn't you see the label? Dry clean only.

Does this void the warranty?


Dave wrote a dirty book???

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