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September 27, 2013


Laundry Rage.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Chris Elzi)


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Just a note of dismay from someone who has been in disputes where no one actually got hurt: It is amazing to me to read the comments from so many who think the BETTER outcome would have been having the old man blow away the other guy.
Between the two choices 1. both guys live and one goes to jail and 2. one dies and the other lives with having killed him, I know which I would choose.
Call me a wuss.

Steve, if you're going to be all rational and all, we're going to have to try and fix you. Maybe 12 straight hours of "Grand Theft Auto V" will do it.

Steve, you know it's easy for internet kibitzers (which WBAGNFARB) to give their unsolicited opinions. Besides, who says the guy wouldn't have accidentally shot his wife or an innocent bystander by mistake.

Couple of years ago two guys ahead of me in a dry cleaning queue came to blows. What is it about laundry that causes these incidents?

And it wasn't even in Florida...

In Texas (and probably other states) we have road signs that say something like, "Construction ahead. Traffic fines double in construction zones."

I think we need seniors to wear signs that say, "Senior Citizen. Assault fines double when assaulting a Senior Citizen."

Sorry about the rationality.
I was off my meds.

It happens to the best of us, Steve.

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