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September 27, 2013


Flashing brake lights halts sexual rendezvous with stripper

(Thanks to R & L Steveson, who says, "Always keep your foot on the gas")


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Is that what they mean by a red light district?

1. Back away from the lip collagen, hon. Trust me.
2. I saw Spearmint Rhino open for The Bee Gees.
3. There is no #3

So I click on the link, and there's the article with the headline in big bold type. Immediately below it, also in big type, is the statement: Printable Coupons Here.

I don't think that's collagen in those lips. I think she had the motors from a couple of massage recliners installed in there.

Hey, if a girl wants to get the upper crust clientele, she's gotta be willing to make an investment.

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