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September 28, 2013


Man pays nearly $1 million to re-create Evel Knievel jump

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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ssh, don't tell him, Dave. That's on a need to know basis.

Big Ed might be a tad large for that stunt, however.

As for the cost, a friend in Texas assures me that all Texans have dough like that to throw around.

Jeff...Dude, Big Ed's from Texas. You should see the size of his motorcycle.

After Snake Canyon He can head on over to the anniversary of Evel's Caesars Palace jump and recreated the spinal chord damage which occured there.

I'm old enough to remember when millions of rubes paid to watch Evel do the original stunt, which basically amounted to falling off a cliff on a motorcycle. He lived, which should have resulted in a refund.

I believe it was a Sports Illustrated reporter who, after the umpteenth "jump" delay, wrote: "The canyon was rapidly becoming the sentimental favorite."

Make it a big motorcycle, with room enough for the Vikings team on it.

I witnessed in person Evel Knievel jump over ten busses. I stood in the midle of the busses with my friend as Evel landed his plane on the runway of the Speedway. He got out wearing a cape and using a cane which was a result of the aforementioned Ceasars Palace spinal cord damage incident err jump. It was awesome being 17 and seeeing Evel jump those ten busses with flare I might add. The crowd went wild. My friend immediately threw his hands up in the air and said, "wow man that was so COCK!" I was busy being 17 and probably said, "Cock" too.

All things considered the event was cock.

Clankie, I saw that motorcycle driving through Sturgis, South Dakota in August 2009.

"The canyon was rapidly becoming the sentimental favorite."

Now that's funny.

My cousin, who was in a position to know things like this, said that Knievel adopted the name 'Evel' because at an early age he was in jail with another guy whose last name was Nawfel. The guards kidded around about having two real bad guys to watch: Evil Knievel and Awful Nawfel. Knievel either couldn't spell 'evil' or deliberately misspelled it.

Probably not true, but I like to think it is.

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