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September 30, 2013


Badger stew dish of the day for British roadkill fan

(Thanks to Mag Last and Jon Harris)


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When in England, stick with something that doesn't turn your stomach, like hagis.

Use everything but the snarl, apparently.

I think the moral of this story is: If Arthur Boyt asks you to dinner at his house, just say no.

Sure beats pony pecker and peas. (shoves plate aside) I'll try it!

Honey Badger don't care?

*just thinks that 'Badger' and 'stew' shouldn't just be seen in the same sentence, but in the same paragraph*

It can't be no worse than possum and sweet taters, right Maw?

I'm thinking it over.

I'd prefer people eat wildcats, wolverines, golden gophers and buckeyes.

No, thanks. My car mechanic says I need to cut down.

It can't be worse than toad in the hole or spotted dick, right Maw?

I'm thinking it over.

Hey, that's what The Buckeyes had for dinner on Saturday.

Were its ovaries damaged? I told you so.

Stop badgering me.

Roadkill badgers? We don't need no steenkin' badgers.

You leave the jaw in so that it has a fighting chance to eat you back.

"People have been here for a meal and been sick when they got home -- but I'm sure that was something else."

Probably the bottle of ipecac that they drank as soon as they staggered in the door.


I suspect this is why Prince Charles looks like a dead badger.

Yes, thank you.
No, no, none for me, please.
Perhaps a bit of badger? Freshly prepared after a most sudden and tragic demise this very morning ...?
Er, I'm afraid not, thank you.
Not even a sample?
That's quite alright, thank you....no.
I'll just leave it on the table for you, then, in case you change your mind.
That really won't be necessary.
It's no problem at all.
If you don't mind, I'd rather you took it away, please.
You're sure?
You wouldn't--
I'm QUITE sure.
As you wish, Your Majesty.
Thank you....

Just a moment ... have we any salivary glands?

Hope you like tuberculosis and helminths. Badgers were not meant to be eaten.

I didn't know that badgers could stew!

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