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September 27, 2013


Farrah Abraham's Dad Will Only Talk About Daughter's Plastic Vagina Toys For Cash

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Considering that the (ahem) person has now had so much plastic surgery that she is considered too plastic for Playboy this seems appropriate.

Honestly, if the press would stop writing about crap like this she would just fade back into her trailer where she belongs and we'd never have to see her name or (admittedly, well put together plastic) body again.

And someone take her kid away.

Sort of the same theory as my 'stop saying graffiti artist, dammit' campaign.

On the other hand, if those folks in Pennsylvania, was it?, can set up concrete lingams, I suppose this person can plaster cast her yoni.

Who are these people and why do they keep contaminating my interwebs?

I am proud to say I have no idea who these people are.

Brings new meaning to the phrase "cheap junk", doesn't it?

Didn't the Zombies do this back in the Sixties?

Love was quite elastic
With a plastic little girl like you.

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