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September 27, 2013


Wild Lizards Eating Family Pets In Florida

(Thanks to Mag Last)


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A cat named Boo Boo? I have to go with the lizard on this one.

I saw them open for T Rex.

If Boo-Boo had Obamacare, and the Adorable Lizard Option, he'd be all set.

Well, this did appear on Breitbart, so it's a miracle that they didn't blame Obama for this.

Um, yeah, people think of lizards as slow fence-sitters. And we love the Anoles that run around our patio.
But while these monitors average only about the size of the one in the video, they can get up to EIGHT FEET LONG and eat FULL GROWN CEOS. Oops, let my fantasy out. Hope nobody got hurt. Except CEOs.
However, it is unhelpful to let cats roam the neighborhood and claim that you don't want innocent animals hurt. Their hunting/killing skills are one reason kittens are cute.

Snakes, lizards, retired lawyers...

So there's a family in Florida that eats wild lizards, and it's petting something?

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