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August 22, 2013


Rodent fur 'in Mexican ketchup'

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Didn't Mexican Ketchup open for Rodent Fur in the late 80s?

I thought the rodent fur gave it just a little je ne sais quois or, in Spanish, no sé lo que.


Makes it thicker than Heinz.

Rodent Fur once was the opening act for The Rodentia Tour, consisting of Eek-a-mouse, Anthrax, and Deadmau5.

The Scorpions later replaced them.

Now 58 varieties.

Cute little Gerbil fur or rat fur...? I mean... it makes a difference.

As a lover and connoisseur of ketchup, this article makes me sad.

Does rat fur need to be refrigerated?

David Chang to open Momofuku Rodent Bar in Meat Packing District. Thousands line up for soft opening.

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