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August 13, 2013


...can be found here.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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OMG. Short clip was just that short

And yet another reason for industrial strength condoms.

Going to ralph breakfast now, BRB.

It's not the article so much as the "BONUS: video".

ugh. i guess they will have to wear condoms at all times.

I should have listened to the warning.

If cases of tickus dickus, go swimming with the Swedish piranha.

I would think women might not want to click, either. This takes sharing to a new level.

Our resident border collie picks up ticks on a regular basis, so if any of the blog guys need any of those little yellow plastic tick-plucking-off thingeys, we got lotsa spares. Also, I believe holding a lit 'Zippo' against the little suckers works wonders.

We learned about ticks in nursing school.
Tick on the on the brain, it's going to rain.
Tick on the rear, you have nothing to fear.
Tick on the d*ck, see a doctor quick.

I used to date a guy named Dick Ticks. No I didn't. I just thought it would be fun to say that.

Well? Was it?

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