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August 30, 2013


Research shows couples can tune out spouse's voice

(Thanks to The Perts)


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♫ LA-LA-LA ........ ♪

I knew that.

Certain messages, usually involving returning calls to doctor offices and scheduling medical tests or procedures, seem to be completely lost between transmission and receipt.

Scoring a 400 on the blood sugar test is the new 175

I can tune out a lot more than that.

I've known this since back in the seventies.
My wife's grandfather was being reminded of his deficiencies by his wife, so he waited a moment so her back was turned and quickly flicked the on/off switch on the hearing aid receiver in his shirt pocket.

In other news, the pope wears a funny hat.

Woman tunes out her spouse

Who, apparently, is yelling at her for not wearing any pants.

Hmm, what?

The secret to the longevity of my parents' marriage was when both of them became hard of hearing. After being separated for more than 15 years, they were able to be under the same roof because they could say just about anything they wanted at almost any decibel level and the other wouldn't hear what was communicated.

The neighbors, on the other hand, were able to hear some very creative comments.

and they tune out the kids too.

Did you say something?

Why is the woman in the picture not wearing any pants?

Husbands were a bit more apt to forget what their wife said

She said something?

I seem to have seen something like this before


I think he's saying "But I'm GAY!".

Also, there seem to be discrepancies in vision. I remember some author - I wonder who - who commented on different perceptions of what "clean" means.


Hey, I didn't say a thing!


Wait, huh?

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