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August 30, 2013


A box containing the head and two human hands covered in blood also had the message: "Kavuludi, you are next". The police say they are interpreting it as a death threat.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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ya think, there sherlock?

Those tax audit notices can be a bit alarming.

Time to bring in ..... Mgombu, of the Yard.

I'm not sure how they arrived at that - my body-parts&message:English dictionary interprets that as "Please do not forget your salon appointment today. We are ready for you at any time."

In Chicago, we call this a second warning.

It is just a subtle hint, relax.

Gee, I thought it meant that he was in line at the bakery, and it was now his turn.

That's some fine police work, there, Lou.

Shouldn't that be «a head and two human hands» ? or is there only one severed human head in all of Kenya ?

And your question ...capt obvious?

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