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August 26, 2013


Deputies: man threatens to kill wife over dirty cat litter

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who defies you to guess the state.)


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Our cat has pulled on knife on me to change the litter box. It was like a scene from a foul-odored West Side Story

They're not pussy-footing around...

Clumping or not?

After the Stewarts were ousted from the kingdoms of Scotland and England, clandestine loyalists used to toast "The King" by passing their wine glasses over their water glasses, secretly toasting "the King over the water", i.e., in exile. In recent years, it has evolved into toasting "the King over the cat litter." No one knows why.

Equal fights for women -- guess the state.

Having to change the litter is also a cause of many suicides.

"Rights for women, rights for women, La de da de da da dah!"

Guess the Ken Russell film.

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