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August 30, 2013


Japan Invents In-Car Rice Cooker

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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In-Car sushi bar available for a limited time.

What's Japanese for " Ow ! I spilled hot rice on my crotch ! I'm going to sue ! "

Hawt. Wery Wery hawt.

So that's one under the hood and one in the passenger compartment. I should buy stock in rice cooker manufacturers.

Where's the sake heater?

Well it's about time. You have no idea how many times I've been stuck in traffic and thought how nice it would be if I could have a nice, hot cup of rice. Can in-car FryDaddy's be far behind?

I had a '76 Honda Ricecooker back in (wait for it!) 1976...

I had a riceburner back in the day, Doesn't count, OK.

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