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August 30, 2013


Officials at the Oregon Zoo said a mountain beaver was returned to the woods after trespassing in the facility's otter exhibit.

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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What in the Sam Hill is a mountain beaver anyway ?

Not saying a thing about mountin' beaver. Nope, just ain't gonna.

I'm pretty sure that returned to the wild is just a euphemism for he was tasty.

Who do you think builds those mountains, anyway? God?

A Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia) is a squirrel-like rodent of the Pacific NW that eats shoots and leaves. It can also climb trees, although it otter know better than sneaking into a zoo.

Ralph: It eats, shoots, and leaves? Is it from Texas?

Naked Gun said it best: Nice Beaver!

I hate my ISP. It sounds a lot like "Denies 'em". I'm pretty sure my post is up there ^^^ somewhere, I just can't see it any longer.

No,, Sam Hill was the guy up the Columbia river built that stonehedge thingy!

But we did just want a block of flats, Mr. Hill, nice though the stone circle is.

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