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August 29, 2013


Texas turns to Ted Nugent to control feral pig epidemic

(Thanks to funny man)


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Yeah, there are hundreds of thousands of feral pigs overrunning Texas - my friend Bill has been writing about it for years (unsolicited testimonial) and that's the solution - give this moron some publicity for a stunt.

Give Ted a .12 gauge Byrdland and a couple of armed Amboy Dukes and watch the feral pigs grunt.

feral, feral, feral ...

Saw "federal" - figured that also explained a lot...

Meanwhile, Michigan is turning to feral pigs to control Ted Nugent. "Once we get Nugent under control," said Governor Rick Snyder, "we can decide what to do about Kid Rock and Eminem."

"....PIG SCRATCH FEVER.....". A classic.

I foresee a feral bacon epidemic soon

“an entire night of wild hog stories and adventures”

Snooki is back?

"They are fervent breeders" - yes, we're talkin' Snooki, MTB

That's an excellent choice for the "kill it and grill it" man

Another problem of feral pigs / wild hogs:

Their eyes don't show up in your headlights.

The pigs are safe for a day or two at least: http://www.tmz.com/2013/08/29/ted-nugents-wife-arrested-gun-airport-dallas/

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