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August 30, 2013


Fit for a Royal Behind – Hanebisho, the World’s Most Expensive Toilet Paper That Costs $17 a Roll

(Thanks to Heather Lubay)


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You'd really have to be flush with cash...

i coulda used that for the end result of the $11 french fries i got at smith & wollensky.

I think someone with extra money should buy this and test it, then report back to the blog.

To economize, be sure to use both sides.

If you throw a roll of Hanebisho TP up in the air, will it make a nice arc while unrolling a long stream of paper. Might be the ultimate way to TP someone's front yard.

This must be for Japanese who are too poor to afford a computerized toilet to wash their asses.

Well, 16th century Icelanders didn't have computerized toilets to wash their asses, but maybe they didn't much care :

On drinking culture: “When sitting around the table drinking alcoholic beverage, it is not appropriate to go to the bathroom. A woman must monitor the table and respond when signaled. She’ll hand over a pot, which goes under the table. When all this is happening, everyone grunts like pigs, so nobody can hear what is going on.”

Sounds like college...

It will sell well in England, no shortage of royal (behinds) there.

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