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August 28, 2013


Terrified Japanese office worker chased by 'dinosaur' in bonkers game show stunt

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"No, I'm from Iowa."

Key quote: Ohayou. Means good morning, but is pronounced Ohio. If you spoke Japanese, I would not have to explain the sadistic implications further.

THAT was funny. Cruel....but funny.

I love it that the guy didn't notice the "raptor" was wearing jeans.

Gojirra!! (Junior?)

I SOOOOO badly want to get one of those velociraptor costumes. Then I'll invite all my little nieces and nephews to play in my back yard...

I don't understand. Why was he running from my former supervisor at TSA? (I escaped) Really, that looks like one of her better days. At least she wasn't wearing sweat pants.

You'd best not do that in a conceal and carry environment.

All the monsters have been lulled to sleep with drugs and loud music ...

All except Glutamoto.

Yes, the big fellow. What a monster!

They're going to blast off together, Roger! The President and Glutamoto, locked in an eternal space embrace!

In the cold, clear light of morning, I see that I meant "Walter", not "Roger". Phil Proctor is turning in his grave.

"But what would he turn it in for?" -- Walt Kelly

This entire situation can be reproduced in America with the simple introduction of a 10-inch long garter snake to any office environment.

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