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August 29, 2013


Chinese shopping malls installing women-only car parks (and yes… they have larger spaces)

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Dave appears to be skirting the issue. Very wise.

And they're pink!

I join the blog in his non-commenting. Do not shoot the messenger, ladies.

they oughta make big fluffy pink cars for 'em too...

"...fatal crashes by male drivers were more than three times than that of female drivers."

But does that mean IN the garage?

.... hum.

Shoe store outlets scramble to rent nearby retail space. Footlocker opens the company's dirst 'Ride Your Brake Shoes Out' outlet IN the designated parkng lot.

Remember that video of that lady parallel parking in Ireland ? Q.E.D.

" Does this parking space make my... " Oh forget it.

Not commenting. Wouldn't be prudent.

Is "Ladies Parking" an instruction or a warning?

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