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August 30, 2013


A gimmicky promotion about an alien takeover at a radio station wound up scaring some residents of a north Alabama community.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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uh, 1938. orson wells. google it. radio version of war of the worlds.

There was this little matter with Orson Welles in 1938 and "two planets which shall remain nameless"....

To be rebroadcast on October 26, 2013, during the afternoon at wdcb.org

Klaatu barad nikto, y'all.

If this had happened in DC, there would be panic buying of TP, bread and milk.

Those outside the beltway would be cheering for the alients

that's what i was referring to oneblank. it set off a national hysteria.

NUMA: Panic buying of TP, at $17 per roll?
(See post a few above this one)

Let there be panic. It's good for the economy ;)

I for one would have welcomed our new alien overlords...

(I also got to perform in a live stage version of Welle's WotW, complete with stand-up mikes, sound effects, and music. One of my roles was the radio news reporter who stayed on the air describing the poison gas coming closer: "Fifty feet...Forty feet...Thirty feet..."
[muffled thud as body hits floor]

Still can be scary, and lots of fun!

No problem -- just hack their computers with a virus, because aliens use Windows. I learned that from Independence Day.

Snork at Ralph!

If we stand back long enough, Windows will probably self-destruct.

It hasn't already? I think Win 8 is pretty darn close.

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