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August 29, 2013


Earth life 'may have come from Mars'

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Thought Florida life came from uranus (see Buttwater)

just the men, of course...

Dave Barry is from Mars and Venus

... the rest of us - only Mars.

Explains a lot!

yeeah. just the men - as JG says.

More specifically Floridians are from the intensly hot Sunshine State of Mars named Delusions of Grandeur, 90210.

" You have made me angry. Very angry indeed ! "

Who else is feeling a bit homesick?

I just came home from Walmart. I have absolutely no doubt that this is true.

That is a lie! I was born on the great planet of Earth. I will die on the great planet of Earth. And you cannot prove otherwise.

And while you're on Earth, check out Trump Links, the greatest golf course anywhere.

Capture that creature and return my elunium pu36 explosive space modulator!

Trump, I don't believe you. Can you produce your birth certificate?

So the Great Flood and Noah's Ark was on Mars, and the dinosaurs didn't survive the trip through space?

I.. it's in my other pants. But it's legit, alright. This birth certificate blows the others out of the water. This is the biggest, greatest birth certificate ever. Solid gold. Solid gold. Let's do this thing.

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