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August 29, 2013


Couple Arrested For Shacking Up At Home Depot

In a display shed.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, Jeffrey Brown, Allen at Division, Jon Johnson and Greg Snow, who says: "You can do it. We can help.")


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if the shed is rockin, dont come knockin...

If you build it...

Built like a brick shed-house?

I have seen a trash bin mistaken for a Home Depot display shed.

Announcement: Home Depot recommends wearing latex gloves during assembly of this shed.

I guess they're not soccer fans...

There must not have been a WalMart nearby.

As nursecindy isn't here at the moment, let me say it for her - it's South Carolina.

I thought the screws would be in a separate pouch, but maybe they've changed things around some.

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