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August 30, 2013


Hey Dave!
I took this photo in 1992 at the ABA convention concert. I recognize you, Stephen, and The Boss. Would you please you remind me who the others are?
I have misplaced it, but I still have the yellow pick Stephen was playing with. Of course, when I tell people who it belonged to and the details of the concert, no one believes me. 
Take care!
Jamie Dotson

Thanks for the photo. I think that was 1994, not 1992. Unfortunately the only people I recognize for sure are Stephen King and Bruce Springsteen. I think the blond woman is a terrific singer named Keta Bill, who sometimes joined us; I don't remember the name of the guy next to me. Or much of anything else. I do know, however, that Springsteen is playing my Stratocaster, which I still have, although for some reason it doesn't sound as good when I play it as when he did.
Plug: If you want to read about this and many other Remainders adventures, you can buy the entertaining ebook we just wrote, Hard Listening. We write a lot better than we sound.


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Stephen King had a mustache?

Isn't that Manilow next to you, Dave?

Maybe I need to get these glasses checked.

That must've been quite the rendition of "Louie Louie"...

Dave and that King guy wrote a book?

Dave played an ABBA convention?

Oh, wait...

(*borrows Jeff's glass wipes*)

RBR played with the Boss... did RBR ever play with Foxtrot's Bill Amend?

Dave, considering that it is used I'll up my bid for your Strat to $350. Case and shipping are included, right?

No Fillmore East style jiggling psychedelic blob projected on the background ? What kind of band was this anyway ?

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