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August 26, 2013


9:17 a.m. A Lakeside man reported that his trampoline was damaged by a low-flying helicopter.

(Thanks to funny man)


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"10:52 a.m. A woman driving through Lakeside reported that a sporadic woman in a Volkswagen Beetle flipped her off."

I saw Sporadic Woman open for Men Without Hats. Weird show.

Well, site's now so popular, thanks to The Dave, it's not available.

I hope they've got a video of that helicopter bouncing on the trampoline.

I want to know how the rottweiler got on the roof of the house.

It's back, Kibby.

I was just going to comment on that cindy. I mean, how big was the dog? Or how low was the roof of his house?

Not over here Jeff, guess it's a country thing.

Must have been pretty darn low flying.

Wikipedia says that the most famous former citizen of the Flathead County was Mauru Povich. That explains a lot.

Bradley Manning is a sporadic woman.

Now I'll go back to non-judgmental observations.

Taking in to account this is Flathead Co., Connie Chung was fling the low flying helicopter.

Hope the rotty found all the 'lost' tennis balls while he was up there. No point a dog being on the roof if it's not gonna earn its keep.

sporadic woman? does that mean that sometimes - sporadically - she's a he? NTTAWWT.........

I'm confused.

i roo am having confusion over sporadic women. it could be a style of clothing.

Or someone with a fungal infection.

Roberto, not only that but In May 2007, he launched the Flathead Beacon, a weekly print newspaper and online news source in Montana's Flathead County, where he has a home and is a member at the Eagle Bend Golf Club.

Rottweiler On The Roof.
Worst Broadway revival ever.

Is a sporadic woman similar to an occasional table?
I'm never sure what they are the rest of the time.

Even worse:

7:45 p.m. Someone witnessed smoke seeping out the windows of a vehicle transporting a handful of teenagers. The caller suspects it was marijuana.

No, they probably were reading their required high school English Lit assignment: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass.

They had to use the helicopter. The hovercraft was full of Vietnamese leeches.

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