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August 20, 2013


Facebook rage over censored kangaroo


(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Censored Kangaroo opened for Little River Band.

yes they did. and it appears somebody needs to go buy a sense of humor.

"Censoring the reproductive organs of an animal is one of the most stupidest things I've ever seen. Well done Australia!".

Very, most stupidest!!

I just hope there wasn't a fork involved.

Are we sure that isn't a certain NYC mayoral candidate?

Surely these people must have something better to do?

We'll get through this, as long as the kangaroos never get cell phones.

Maybe it will run for Mayor of NY.

Preliminary Caption Contest entry.

I've got your immoral superiority right here.

They could have advertised this instead.

Don't pixelate me kangaroo, mate!

Stick a fork in him, he's done!

The women who watch HBO will NOT be happy.

Ralph, if someone bought me one of those, I'd roo the day.

its a kangarooo, idjits!

I knew someone would beat me to referring to Censored Kangaroo as a rock band!

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