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August 19, 2013


Timur Bekmambetov is making a movie about flesh-eating squirrels

(Thanks to Jonn Regan and Ralph)


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Been there, seen that. Just another Squirrelnado rip-off.

It could happen..

But will it be as ribbeting as Frogs?

Ray Milland played the title character, right wiredog?

I saw Flesh-Eating Squirrels open for Canned Heat.

I'm sorry to repeat, but I have to say that Squirrelnado could be great. They have lots of squirrels in Kansas, right? Where's my publicist?

Saw giant nuclear squirrels in the early 60s only it was called Rodentzilla. Then there was Squirana in the 80s.

The Killer Squirrels of Caerbannog?

Flesh eating squirrels? Haven't we had enough reality TV/movies already?

That synopsis sounds like a direct ripoff of a Kurosawa film. Not sure which one. Maybe a mashup of several.

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