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August 30, 2013


A bald eagle released in a packed auditorium at an Oklahoma university tried to take a detour out of the room, but came to an abrupt stop when it slammed into a window and dropped to the ground

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I can't decide whether to say the eagle was thinking that Oral Roberts University blows and a line about faith healing after the incident.

Franklin wanted a turkey symbol. Just sayin'.


bird brain.....

Yeah, the bird brain is the trainer who agreed to fly him indoors.

It's a good thing there were plenty of professors and stuff on hand to figure out what might have been wrong with this plan. (Form a committee. Investigate. Issue report with recommendations for averting future incidents. Elevate understanding and raise awareness among all faculty and students of bald-eagle flight habits. Open window.)

What could possibly go wrong?

Does anyone happen to know if "Oral" was his given name or a nickname from later in life?

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