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August 30, 2013


Maury County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Nathan Johns said Lt. Andy Jackson, head of the department's Central Investigations Division, was reprimanded after he admitted to firing his handgun into the air to ward off a turkey he discovered defecating on the hood of his patrol car outside the department's detective division at 7:30 a.m. July 29, The (Columbia, Tenn.) Daily Herald reported Thursday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As God is my witness...

Didn't Defecating Turkey open for Ted Nugent just before Thanksgiving a couple of years ago?

This situation is best addressed with the proper seasoning and an oven set at 350 for a few hours.
And turkeys CAN fly for short distances.
We regularly run into flocks of 20 or more (three mamas and a whole schoolhouse of half-grown young) on the farm. They will take off and fly, usually downhill, for a hundred yards or so.

Hmm... shooting a gun to stop the bird from shi taking a dump? Yeah, that won't backfire.

NMUA - I think it was the other way 'round.

Wild turkeys fly well and usually roost in trees; domestic turkeys are bred for more white meat, which does not have the strength and endurance for flight. Shooting a gun outside of a police building is likely to attract attention for acting like a turkey, with or without a live one.

" Do ya feel lucky ? Well, do ya... turkey ? "

"We don't train to use our firearm to scare animals off of vehicles,"

Why not?

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