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August 27, 2013


Seville police were involved in a "high-speed" chase after a stark-naked, drunk moped rider ignored the officers' order to stop.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan, who notes that the rider was released after producing a valid Florida license)


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Thus we have proof that Dave types.

Please, don't chase me into the briar patch! No, really!

Shoes and socks - therefore not "stark naked."

Come on journalists, get on the ball (so to speak).

Luckily he didn't mount pedestrians and endanger pavements.

That's not a "moped", that's a scooter. Not any more masculine, but it is capable of highway speeds, and thus "high speed pursuit".

And yes, "Yackety Sax" was playing in my head as I read the article.

Here in North Carolina if you lose your license because of a DUI you can still legally operate a scooter or moped. We call them Liquorsickles. However their top speed is around 35 mph. I know because everytime I'm late to an appointment I get behind one.

So glad OJ didn't think of this.

Didn't Naked Sleazy Rider open for Cheap Trick back in 1983?

I sent a link to The Powers That Be about a chase in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 6 or 7 police cars chasing a guy on a scooter at speeds of up to 20 mph

I don't even want to know where he kept his "valid drivers license".

He was badly scratched by vegetarians? Oh, no, sorry. My eyes ...

All the sunflowers turned away from the moon. Police wish they were sunflowers and could turn away, too,

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