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August 31, 2013


Stay on the beach.


(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Dear Kardashian/Jenner family: the water is great, come on in!

Oooh, sharks at that beach. We're suppose to have cloudiness and rain for this weekend not great for the beach.

Thank goodness the mountains are still safe!

I think I'll stay home!

Comedy central movie. SHARK THE BEACH CANDYGRAM.

Never get out of the boat!

"Hey, Maury, here's another one with that tasty cocoa butter rub. Come try it!"

This is a test. I made half a dozen very SFW blog postings yesterday, and none of them are visible to me. I think I broke the blog somehow....

The posts show up for a few minutes after I hit "Post" but when I refresh the page, they are gone. This also happened a few weeks ago, but my posting re-appeared after a few days.

I think I may know the reason...I didn't "sign on" using my normal PirateBoy name, I added an extension or two, such as "PirateBoy the Land-locked". I wonder if that could do it?

That ain't Daryl Hannah.

no sharks on My island -
but my jets are dead in the water

I didn't remember the picture when I passed this along.

So, at what point during their "the bump and bite technique" are you supposed to avoid urinating in the water?

They're punctuating "Point Lookout" all wrong.

Um, all those things I've said over the years about sharks being harmless little creatures?
Bull sharks could, maybe, be a little exception to that rule.
And if you run into one, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll pee in the water.
BTW, I'm at the beach right now. I'll go swimming later.

Relax, everyone. As long as it's not the new "walking" shark, we're fine.

Take another look at that picture and guess which one the shark's hoping for.

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