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August 05, 2013


Bus-sized lump of fat discovered in London sewer

(Thanks to Dave Emery)


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I hope McDonald's doesn't find out about that.

AAAHHHHH! auntie ethel, there you are!

I saw Bus-Sized Fatberg warming up for Mountain back in '88. Helluva show.

What's Michael Moore doing in a London sewer? Are they making a sequel to Flushed Away?

Feed the Slugs, tuppence a bag!

must be all that spam flushed out from those hacked toilets

I am not clicking on that link.

Discerning reader want to know: Single-Decker bus or Double-Decker bus?

I don't know who that guy is in the picture, but I know they're not paying him enough.

There's gotta be a joke in this about English cooking, but I'm too nauseated to think of it.

Was it recycled as bus biofuel or to fish & chips fryers?

Probably the beans.

RochPete - worse: a Geezer-bus sized lump - 'HemorRhoid-Rage'!

Baby wipes? Was this a royal flush?

We're gonna need a lot more Lipitor.

Mama June (Honey Boo-Boo's mother) goes to London, next on TLC!

Gotta wonder what else you'd find in London sewers...

Ok, you don't!

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