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August 15, 2013


Exhibit 2,038.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Dramamine ad before slip-n-slide was appropriate, but one for a painkiller would be moreso.

Mistakenly read this as Department of Thongs. Then clicked on the video. Was dissappointed. Cleaned Temp files, History, Cookies, Recent Downloads, Temp files, and Windows Log Files.

Downloaded and installed Ghostery for good for viewing future Dave's blog thong related links

I agree with this guy: The absolute best kind of stupid! Not being sarcastic, I really think that this is awesome, and it's stupid!

To guy #1. I told you so! I told you that you would get hurt but did you listen? No!
I hate to admit this but I probably would have tried it too.

Who would ever believe gravity could be so severely abused ?

F'n A

Right on!
Far out!
Outta sight!

Ok yeah, takes me back......fire up the Geezermobile...

Innovation is its own reward.

Stupid, stupid, and stupid.

That's what I said, each time I watched this. And I had to watch this 3x.

Are the construction plans online?

Hey, it's a "guy thing"!

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