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August 29, 2013


Man in cow onesie spotted stealing steak

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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He won't get far on hoof.

What's a onesie?

I guess this isn't unherd of...

If the customer spotted the perp, did that make the perp a Holstein?

I say we visit every Chick-Fil-A and make sure the cow suit has an alibi. Then order a sandwich and lemonade.

For an unnamed food chain's promotional event, I added black spots to my Elvis jumpsuit (a Fat Elvis Onesie , btw). My son's girlfriend worked at the counter. I was able to use the line "I just spotted Elvis"

Her cow-workers appreciated the gesture.

Sounds like a re-enactment of a Gary Larson cartoon.

I had to look it up, also. A "onesie" is a jumpsuit, which I thought had been extinct since the 70's...

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