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August 16, 2013


NYC Hotel Kicks Out ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star After Confusing Him For Homeless Man

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck)


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He's not!?

I had his car towed and pushed his reaking abandoned shopping carts down to the corner yesterday.

ZZ Top and Abe Lincoln, take note.

Possible, but also possibly made up for TV.

I hope it's in the show, Jeff, because it sounds hilarious.

I'm shown the door to a lot of places. You get used to it.

"Facial profiling!" I love it!

From the ads on my fcebk page this afternoon:

Duck Dynasty on A&E
5,448,175 people like this. Like

1,025,169 people like this. Like

Didn't you get the word OBS, the NFL is the new thing you must hate, after SUV's and Walmart.

That quacks me up.

That keeps happening to me, too. People mistake me for one of those "duck die nasty people" and throw me out, and I don't even HAVE a duck.

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