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August 29, 2013


New species of 'walking' shark discovered

(Thanks to Ron G.)

(For those whippersnappers who don't get the reference: link.)


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Scientific fodder for the Bass-O-Matic.

The size, location, diet, or any other mitigating factor has no bearing, whatsoever. If my wife finds out that such a thing as a "walking shark" exists anywhere, it will feed her nightmares for years to come. I can't even mention the movie "Jaws" to this day. And she never even saw the flick.

Soon to be a SyFy movie: SHARKWALKERS v. ZOMBIES

That was when SNL was actually funny.

*get back on the geezer bus*

And stay off my lawn!


Yep Jeff, them wuz the good ol' daze!

*Follows Jeff onto the Geezermobile*

Next up on the Discovery Channel: Breakdancing Killer Whales!

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