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August 30, 2013


'Prepare doors for landing': Funeral is interrupted by air stewardess' message after radio signals from passing plane are picked up by church's speakers

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My nephew had to rewire a church's sound system when their wireless microphone frequencies were reallocated to local police use.

He didn't like my suggestion to wire in a police scanner set to go off when the sermon was supposed to end.

In case of water landing, your church pew can be used as a floatation device.

I think Dan Rather had this issue at one point.

Clankie -- I think that might just be the Baptists.

But the flight attendants says "bu-bye, bu-bye, bu-bye..." would still be appropriate.

I still have the coffin in my shop waiting for the happy event.
That being, of course, when my wife decides she has time to finish the lining. The only thing I ever successfully sewed was a button hole and it somehow wasn't a hole any longer.

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