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August 05, 2013


Don't drink the tea.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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"Meanwhile, Dung, the female owner of a similar dishonest facility nearby, chooses to use tea leaves discarded by other tea-making plants in the northern Vinh Phuc Province to mix with the fresh leaves"

Let me get my foul-mouthed facts straight.

At least they don't make it from lamb dong.

Shama lama Lam Dong.

I'll just have a Diet Coke.

One more, manual tomato: ' - undercover reporters penetrated the facility of a woman named Hong'


it's a damn-ma'am-Dung, ma'am-Hong-Lam-Dong-done-wong

What ligirl said.

Dishonest Dung's Dong Dung Drink Deemed Dubious.

sum ting dung, sum ting hong,
sum ting dong, sum ting wong . . .

There is nothing lower than a tea adulterer. If Ho Chi Minh was still alive to see this, I wouldn't want to speculate on the fate of these scum.

Uncle Ho is dead?

who da Ho?

You people are insane. I of course mean that as a compliment.

Without all the filler, tea would be a lot steeper.

I am a tea drinker too. Just what I need to think about the next time I have a glass of tea. Ewwwwwwww.

Never in my 20+ in the IT industry have I haver thought that I would see: ‘buffalo dung’ technology

There once was a hermit named Dave
Who kept a dead Ho in his cave.

Yea, Ryan, that "buffalo dung" technology spiked my interest. One just doesn't get to see enough of it anymore.

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