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July 31, 2013


Chad Qualls Celebration Fail Is The Most Marlins Thing Ever

(Thanks to ligirl)


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The Phillies are having a rotten season, but at least they still don't have Chad on the roster.

That's just sad.

If he'd have stuck the landing, I'd have given him a 7.

"And now, we'll poll the delegates:
Bats for Papoon!
The More Sugar Foundation!
International Association of Funny Name Clubs of America!"

Chad Qualls? Omar Quintanilla? Who's on first, Hyman Olcowhand? Quentin "Quebec" Quicklee?

...celebration failURE, not 'fail.'

And yes, the geezer bus gets terrible gas mileage.

love the fan in the first row pointing and laughing

I'd say that pretty much sums up the Marlins' season.

Quallity pitching

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