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July 05, 2013


Epping woman suspects a bear stole her purse

(Thanks to Ralph)


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When her purse turned up missing Sunday night after she accidentally left it sitting on the steps in front of the door at her house, Parke began to suspect that a bear may be to blame.

She can't think of any other possible explanation? Hello? She left it on the steps in front of her house? Right, it must have been a bear.

*rolls eyes*

Is there a Space Cadet in the house?

She shouldn't overlook the possibiltiy of alien purse abduction. I hear its the rage in alpha centauri.

Sounds racist to me.

don't we all ready have the right to bear handbags?

No, just the right to armed bears.

If people would just leave more pic-a-nic baskets out for bears to steal they would not need to branch out into purse snatching, right Boo-Boo?

You ain't just Epping around.

The bear was getting back at her for eating his porridge.

Jeff, Epping is not too far from where I live. It's a small, sleepy town and I'll bet most people there leave their cars unlocked at night and would be very surprised to find something missing in the morning.
Just like my town.

NSA blames spying on bears. Moscow agrees to provide asylum to any US bears who request it. President of Ecuador says "Me! No, me! I want to give the bears asylum! We offered first!"

Omni - in further news, a Bolivian plane was diverted because of fears there was a bear onboard.

Them varminty varmints!

I understand the plane had cutsey little yellow "Bear On Board" stickers. Dead giveaway.

Incomplete reporting, if it was a leather purse, that would be enough to attract a bear. In that case, it would not be so ridiculous.

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