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July 30, 2013


Не связывайтесь с ними.

(Thanks to dave [a different one])


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Way to GO!!!! She walks off and this thug is rolling around on the ground!

It's about time.

That was Boss. It was also so co!k.

das vedanya, muthaf!!ker
good goin!

You go gospaszha!

Can you hear me now?

I was cheering as I watched this one. The 2nd kick was to his nose. The first kick? A few feet farther south.

She hit both targets!

I didn't know Dave spoke Russian. Or at least Dave's google does.

I like how the woman at the end just walks by him while he's rolling around on the floor. Serves him right.

The reactions of the later passers-by are almost as good as the nut-crushing. "Oh, you are on the ground writhing in pain? Excuse please while I saunter by with complete indifference."

I have friends who call this foreplay.

Excellent. The kick to the balls drove him to his knees, the one to the nose finished him. He rolled up in a ball and didn't know where to hold first.

She's not my dream girl. My dream girl would gave given him a couple extra on her way by to, y'know, enhance his lesson retention.


I like the way he first turns back to her like, "You think you can handle me?"
And she does.
Although it would have been better if she'd planted her foot on his head and crowed.

She pushed his " Reset " button.

Our daughters are taking Tae Kwan Doh -- hopefully they will never have to use it -- but man can they kick hard

My heroine! And I agree with padraig.

She kicks like a girl...who knows the male anatomy!

Excellent! That video should be shown to every high school student in the world...then shown again in slow motion. The girls will get lessons on how to defend themselves and the boys will think twice about messing with girls.

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