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July 30, 2013


Here's a full-service company.


(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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That was Co!k man.

mwaaahhhhhh, laughter. bet it was a typo. NOT.

I was hoping for naked ladies.

Please initial where indicated:

GPS ____ Decline ____ Accept
CDW ____ Decline ____ Accept
BJ ____ Decline ____ Ohhhhhhh

♪ free pair-a-dice by the dashboard light, eh?

Anything's better than the diesel Fie$ta this outfit gave me in Scotland a couple of months back. And yes, I delivered it back to the airport with the radio on full blast, just the way it was when I picked it up. Furthermore, get off my lawn.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

Looks like today was somebody's last day at that job, one way or another.

I saw that this morning. They were not best pleased to say the least.

yes padraig - it's a blown job

They try... harder.

One supposes you could just let them do it until it Hertz.

We'll never see that on Small Town News.

That's true to the response up above me. Small town news usually consists of who went over to whose house and played cards.They all stayed up until 2am and then went home and went to bed. So and so came home from the service and so and so all got together for a celebration. So and so got drunk and rolled their car. So and so lost their house. Somebody is sick and now there is a fundraiser for them. All that really good and exciting news.

I had a car with a blown head gasket once. Does that count?

"Plus weekend and holiday discounts"!

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