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July 29, 2013


Around the world, a select band of Doctor Who fans are at work in their spare time building their own personal Tardis.

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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I had to check the article to make sure it wasn't about a good friend of mine. So no, not geeky at all!

And the problem would be?

I'm with Jan on this one. What's the problem? I've also heard that allen@division some of our very own bloggers are Dr. Who fans.

I've seen most of the old ones and am now watching the new ones via library DVDs. Yes, I like Dr Who and am proud of it ! I'm writing a book: "Horton Hears a Dr Who". (not really)

I saw Personal Tardis warming up for Depeche Mode back in '88. Helluva show.

Remember me? I am the Deaf Time Lord.

I did put one together in Google Sketchup, but I've never actually built one.

Girl geeks. Who'd a thunk it?


Several of the Bloglits are fans of the Doctor (closet or otherwise) and would climb into a real TARDIS, especially if it could take them back to the first performance of the Rock Bottom Remainders...

Geeky guys can be pretty cute.

There was a study recently that claims women are genetically predisposed to favor men who make them laugh. I mentioned this to Mrs. Omni, and she just laughed.

Hmmm. Link seems to be broken. Try this one.

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