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July 30, 2013


Would you let the veebot robot take your blood?

(Thanks to coscolo)


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This may be more useful for veterinarians; there are umpteen variations in anatomy of different animals. If you think getting blood from some humans is a challenge, try getting it from a lizard.

good point ralph, but as for me----------------NO.

But does it give you a glass of juice and a cookie when it's finished?

I've stuck needles in thousands of people during my nursing career. I loved it! Everybody is different. Some have good veins, others not so much so, no. Jan, if my patient was really good I'd give them a sticker too.

Cindy just doesn't want to lose her job.

Don't worry, Cindy. As ong as they don't build a robot capable of getting a weiner out of a toaster without laughing, you'll always have gainful employment.

Elon,the strangest thing I've seen stuck on a guy's thingie was a wedding ring. I still don't know why he thought that was a good idea. We had to cut it off. The ring not the thingie. btw, 'thingie' is an authorized medical term.

Having worked in a blood bank and given over 3 gallons of blood while there, some vein stickers are good some are just green. I don't mind the idea as long as accuracy is really good. Also, you don't have to see the needle. Damn things make me hyperventilate.

Having given more blood than Dracula's favorite, I can say that there are good stickers and good stickees.
My left arm is a nightmare, my right just opens a tap and the blood comes freely.
I'd let the robot take a shot.

Cindy - It is?

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